On Premise PBX Phone Systems

VadaXchange on-premise PBX is reliable,

scalable and affordable.

Love your phone system


Invested heavily in your old PABX phone system? Not ready to let go, but looking to cut costs with SIP Trunking and VoIP?

VoIP-enable your existing PBX to take advantage of the flexibility and price savings that VoIP delivers. Our VadaXchange gateway can turbocharge your old PBX system.

VadaXchange VoIP Gateway Appliance provides a gateway between your current PBX and new SIP Trunks or VoIP. This enables the cost savings without the expense of replacing all the phones and purchasing unified communications licences. When you are ready, you can turn on Vadacom Buddy. You can also stage the migration over a period of time.

You can even lease an  on-premise VadaXchange PBX  rather than buying a PBX outright. The monthly payments are covered by the cost savings of an improved, consolidated phone system for your business.

If you need an on-premise PBX, the VadaXchange range are reliable, scalable and can provide your business with the benefits of the Vadacom Buddy Unified Communications System; Voicemail, CDR and Call Recording. 

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SIP Trunks and VoIP Lines

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) was created to enable voice connection to be established over a computer network. It has now been established as the industry standard for delivering phone lines via a data connection. A phone line that is delivered to you via a data connection using SIP protocol is called a SIP Trunk.

SIP trunks deliver outstanding savings compared to a traditional landline plus internet connection set up.

Vadacom are experts in SIP Trunking integration for business – we were New Zealand's first SIP Trunk integrator.

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Mobile PBX Extensions

The power of office PBX in the palm of your hand.

Buddy ‘Mobile Extensions’ feature enables team members using mobile phones to enjoy the same rich features as if they were in the office. No special software is required.

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Go Mobile with Vadacom Buddy™ unified communications interface

Reduce call costs by up to 80% with the easy-to-use Vadacom Buddy™ interface. 

Your team can set their own availability to take calls, see who’s free for a call transfer, integrate their mobile, desk phone and calendar, record calls, and much more. They can securely access your phone system from any browser or carry Buddy with them on their iPhone or Android smartphone.

Behind the scenes, we’ll automatically keep your phone system updated and running smoothly.

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Easy Control of Presence Profiles

See who’s free to take a call, no matter where they are. Buddy's built-in Presence with calendar integration shows the availability of all your colleagues at a glance. 

Offer great customer service by knowing the presence status of work colleagues before transferring or placing calls. There’s nothing more annoying than playing telephone tag when you really need to speak to someone. VadaXchange’s built-in presence shows at a glance the status of all your colleagues including whether they are on or off the phone, logged in or out etc.

With the easy-to-use BuddyTM interface, your team can set their own availability to take calls or see who’s free for a call transfer. People who are receiving a message show as busy.

Set your own extension status or presence to Online, Do Not Disturb, In a meeting, on holiday, business trip, unavailable etc. Your presence setting will also reconfigure the way your calls are handled for you. Integrate your Google and Microsoft Exchange calendars too.

Presence lets you manage all your communications with a single click.

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Easy Phone System Admin and Tools

Powerful browser-based administration tools give you the power to manage your own phone system.

You can manage user accounts, extensions, IVRs, hunt groups, time schedules, DDIs, system prompts, music on hold and much more.

No longer do you have to call a telco engineer when you want to change extensions, call flows, hunt groups and call centres or DDIs.

Book a face to face meeting or web demonstration and join the 750+ companies already using Vadacom to connect their business.