Call Centre Phone Systems

Improve Contact Centre Service and Save Costs

Love your phone system

Our call centre solutions use no hardware, are easy to set up, feature rich, scalable. Enjoy significant cost savings with VoIP PBX pricing. Monitor performance of agents in real time.

Give your call centre staff the power to handle enquiries more effectively and achieve significant costs savings in capex and through VoIP pricing.

Intuitive for staff to learn and use, with no hardware – Vadacom keeps contact centre deployment costs low and optimises productivity from day one.

Powerful contact centre features include:

·      Unlimited automated attendant prompts, calling queues and hunt groups

·      Visual queues in desktop

·      Intelligent routing and overflows

·      Presence display for seamless internal transfers

·      Customised call wrap-up

·      Wall board plus live monitoring and management tools

·      Fulltime voice recording, CDR and reporting.

Contact centre agents can easily log in and out of queues and with Presence they can see other agents’ availability. They can control queued calls, instant messages, voicemail and faxes. Managers can monitor the performance of the agents on-line in real time.

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Auto-Attendant and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) are standard features. We can integrate the IVR with your database system. Easily configure call routing using the web-based administration tool. Define as many IVR levels as required.

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Call Recording

With full call recording, you can ensure permanent records of all calls. Easy exporting and forwarding of recorded calls enables call quality control, archival, transcription and more.

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Call Reporting

Powerful reporting allows you to see every event on the system. Call reporting lets you monitor and report on every call – by extension, date range, call-centre queue, agent and much more. You have the ability to create and tailor reports to suit.

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Unlimited Queues

Advanced features such as ACD agents, Hunt Groups and Call Queuing are standard.

Plus: Queue announcements and skilled-based routing. Customisable music-on-hold for each queue. Configure as many hunt groups or queues as required.

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Queue Faxes

Your contact centre agents can handle faxes uninterrupted. Faxes appear under the active incoming communications column together with calls. When the agent handles a fax, they will no longer receive calls.

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Instant Messaging

By supporting open standards, Buddy Instant Messenger lets you talk to anyone inside or outside your company and integrates with a wide range of IM services.

Call Recording


Permanently record all inbound & outbound calls. Retrieve specific call recording, then download or email. Whole call is recorded, incl IVR interaction & call transfers.

Improve Call Centre Productivity

Choose to permanently record all inbound and outbound calls. The permanent call recording feature allows retrieval of any specific call recordings.

The whole call is recorded, including IVR interaction and call transfers - you are only limited by disk space on the system. The call recording can be downloaded or emailed from Buddy history interface or the CDR search interface.

Increase Sales

Customers can enter into an enforceable contract over the phone. No more costly sales person's visits! This saves you time and money and lets you sell more with fewer sales people. Initiated by the sales person, standard terms and conditions can be announced to a caller at any time. The caller can agree to the terms and conditions to confirm the transaction.

The recorded conversation will be emailed from the system and can be saved locally, on the network or in a database.    

Call Detail Records

We provide one of the best CDR databases in the industry.

CDR can be easily searched through an intuitive interface by specifying a number (source or destination), date range, extension or a queue or wrap-up code.

Advanced Search

The administrator gets a more detailed view of all calls. Call Detail Records can be searched on the system or exported into a spreadsheet or a database for reporting purposes.

Call recordings are shown next to the call detail records. Click to listen or download the recording.

Ad-Hoc or Permanent Call Recording

You can record calls on ad-hoc basis by starting and stopping the recording in the middle of the call. The recording will be emailed to you.

Alternatively, you can choose to permanently record all calls taking a certain route in or out of your phone system.

Turn recording on or off for all calls to a specific phone number, queue, internal or external calls, inbound or outbound calls – the system is flexible enough to configure the recording of any calls you need to refer to later.

Call Reporting

measure and improve your call centre teams performance

VadaXchange comes with a set of pre-built professional reports and graphs covering in-bound and outbound communications. Easily produce performance reports. We provide one of the best CDR databases in the industry.

Standard reports include:

      Inbound queue performance

      Outbound call performance

      Agent Performance

      Wrap-up Codes.

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